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who needs bear skin?

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I really love me some Southern Utah.

Not just for the great hiking, biking, and climbing – cause that’s all good.  But down south things seem to get a little, shall we say…idiosyncratic.

Like for instance the town of Tocquerville.  Interesting name.  I can see the first settlers relaxing around the campfire, weary from their long and difficult trip across the red rock mountains and desert:

“Hey, Obadiah…what say we roast one.  Then we gots to think of a right proper name for this here place.”

Or how about the Fillmore-Beaver area?  We all love the Fillmore-Beaver area…right?

What about those whacky LaVerkians.  You know, the folks from the great town of LaVerkin.

What exactly is a LaVerkin?

Anyhow.  Remember when those insightful folks on the LaVerkin city council voted to outlaw the United Nations?  It’s true. LaVerkin is a United Nations Free Zone.  So if by chance you are ever on the run from the UN…you now know which town to make a break for.

So last weekend I loaded up The Family and we headed down for some Southern Utah livin’.  After a very muddy and unfulfilling bike ride I happened upon this:


Just your everyday, run of the mill, traveling rug sale.  And judging by the flags, a very international rug sale to boot.  But, in and of itself, not really out of the ordinary.

Until my eyes got a load of THIS:


That’s right.  The Naked Lady Mud Flap AREA RUG!

Now this was no ordinary entry rug…it was 4′ WIDE x 6′ LONG (yes…I did in fact measure it).

So…who buys this?

And where, EXACTLY, do they put this in their home?

“Say little lady.  It’s getting a little [ahem]…nipply in here.  What say we cozy up by the fire on my new bare skin rug?  It matches the sweet mudflaps on my F150.  Now if I could just me find some curtains with Calvin pissin’ on that Chevy logo.”


Written by eber

February 20, 2009 at 6:32 pm