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have you ever had that dream?

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Some dreams are more enduring than others.  Both physically and emotionally. 

My friend Sam had a dream recently that one of us isn’t going to fare very well at Leadville in August – he isn’t telling us who the victim is, which has made his dream fairly enduring for the rest of us.  

I often dream of unfinished projects at work or at home which causes me to grind the living bejeebers out of my teeth.  I wake up in the morning with lock jaw after having ground another millimeter off my teeth. 

Some people dream about showing up to the office in only their underwear.  Yikes.  I have never had this dream, but suspect the feeling is kind of like showing up to work on St. Paddy’s day not wearing any green. 

Like I did…today.

Truth be told, theWife gave me fair warning this morning, but I was late as it was and didn’t have time to change. 

At the office, someone suggested I paint my finger nail green. 


How many people do you know that conveniently have green finger nail polish at the office?  Didn’t think so.

Hey, my backpack…it’s green. 

I have been wearing it all day. 

I feel like I have my pants on again.


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March 17, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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