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theWife has dubbed the new Draper Downhill MTB trail, “the Mistress”, because when I drive by I stare longingly up the canyon that is home to the trail.

Each time she sees the bruise on my left butt cheek (compliments of the bridge at the top and the lesson it taught me about speed and narrow passages) she calls it the “lipstick on the collar”.

I can’t stop thinking about it – I am braving the cold early tomorrow morning to make another run. Surely theWife will mention something about me clandestinely sneaking out of bed to visit “her”.

Can you hear “her” song:

Go to sleep, little baby.

Go to sleep, little baby.

Your mommas gone away and your daddy’s gonna stay

Didn’t leave nobody but the baby

I can still hear Sam holler “I seen ’em first!”

I have to go now…I am getting a little flushed writing about it.

Written by eber

June 10, 2009 at 6:48 am

Posted in biking, good ideas, s & m

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